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This page is primarily for members of the media interested in the Silicon Valley Cultures Project.  The Project has been consistently media friendly and many reporters have written articles about our project or quoted the Principal Investigators as experts in Silicon Valley culture. This media participation has facilitated access to informants and increased interest in the anthropological research of work and daily life. If you have written an article about us, or quoted us in an article, could you please send us the URL.

This list is not intended as a citation index. It would be difficult to keep up with academic citations so they are not included on this website.

Listed below are newspaper, magazine, e-zine, blog, list-serves, and website references, as well as television, radio, and webcast events. Some of the items below listed as e-zines may have alternate lives as hard copy newspapers or magazines, but that is more than we know.

Where possible, there are links to the original articles. Some articles were picked up and repeated, quoted, or translations of earlier articles. These repeted articles have been included only if the original has been taken down. Many of the newspaper articles are available, for fee, from their archives. Dates given are the item's publication date, if known, or as close as possible to when the item was posted to the Internet.

Note: Foreign language titles have been roughly translated using AltaVista's Babel Fish and we do not vouch for the accuracy of the translations.

Source Date Title Media Type
San Jose Mercury News 9/22/10 Raconteur Teaches People How to Tell, Sell Their Own Story newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 9/2/10 Palin Story Fuels 'Mommy Wars' newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 10/10/08

A New Virtual Game Plan to Organize The Chaos

San Jose Mercury News 9/3/08

For Palin, Country or Family First?

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune 12/9/07 A look at the notion that we're busier than ever newspaper
All This Chittah Chattah 9/1/07 It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken blog
The Eclectic Review 5/2/07 Show #51 - Technology Builds Villages and Creates Isolationist Madmen podcast
Talent In China 11/25/06 Freedom To Achieve blog
Entering the Labyrinth 10/21/06 Communication & Technology blog
Polyglot Conspiracy 10/10/06 *Really* want to say it? Say it online e-zine
Entering the Labyrinth 10/9/06 Communication & Technology blog
Health Hacker 9/28/06 The Silence of Failure in Silicon Valley blog
Tech-Ex 9/23/06 Don't Talk to Me, Text Me blog
Brian Reilly’s other weblog 9/22/06 Some people prefer IM over conversation blog
Peer Trainer 9/22/06 Talk? Or Text? What works best for you? blog
San Francisco Chronicle 9/22/06 Why tlk whn u cn txt? newspaper
Club of Amsterdam 12/1/05 Books about the future of the USA website
Stuffola 11/28/05 Snow Falling on Tech Dreams & Harried Parents blog
The Medical Blog Network 11/9/05 Personal Health Technologies panel blog
Longing 11/9/05 New Semester, new classes blog
kebo 11 [Germany] 5/5/05 kebo11 blog
The Christian Science Monitor 3/16/05 Everybody's busy, but what are we doing? newspaper
Metro 2/9/05 Borderless Dating newspaper
Rotary Club of San Jose Bulletin 2/2/05 Just Plain Folks: The Culture of Silicon Valley newsletter
The Age [Australia] 9/6/04 In the Family Way newspaper
Passion [China] 9/1/04 [In Stanford's silicon valley and silicon valley's Stanford] [in Chinese Character] e-zine
San Jose Mercury News 8/16/04 Gadgets in schools: What's allowed, what isn't newspaper
BOLETÍN FUMEC Volumen 1, No. 7, octubre 2004 [Mexico] 8/1/04 PERSPECTIVAS: Aceleradora binacional para empresas de origen mexicano en Silicon Valley [PERSPECTIVE: Binational accelerator for companies of Mexican origin in Valley Silicone] newsletter
The Age [Australia] 7/10/04 Highly evolved newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 7/6/04 Library archiving words of S.J. mayors newspaper
a blog by nicolas nova [Switzerland] 7/2/04 pasta and vinegar, Silicon Valley Cultures Project blog
dotedu, Berkeley
6/22/04 What I've read and seen recently blog
Homo Excelsior 6/2/04 tech: [RRE]Information and Institutional Change list-serve 5/29/04 Technology and the Family e-zine
Sacramento Bee 4/30/04 Google: Engine of revival newspaper
Yale Global Online, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization 4/28/04 Silicon Valley Dons a Brave Face, Despite Worries e-zine
San Jose Mercury News 4/24/04 Honors & Accolades - SJSU Professor saluted for teaching excellence newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 4/19/04 Valley keeps strong faith in future of tech growth e-zine
The Spartan Daily, SJSU 4/16/04 Award surprises department chair newspaper
San Jose State News, SJSU 4/14/04 Faculty Kudos: Jan English-Lueck website
Newsletter of the Sociology of Culture, Section of the American Sociological Association, Volume 18, No. 2 (Winter 2004) 3/13/04 Books of Note newsletter
Seattle Times 3/12/04 More friends form family ties newspaper
San Francisco Magazine 3/1/04 New-School Schmoozing magazine
American Anthropologist 3/1/04 Review: C@SV journal
San Jose Mercury News 2/25/04 Custom-built families newspaper
Christine's Blog 2/9/04 Mon, Feb. 9th, 2004, 06:56 pm, I love my homework blog
Anthropoloy Department, Berkley 2/9/04 BAM ! [Berkley Anthropoloy Matters] website
[Shanghai Higher education Research] [translated] [China] 1/14/04 [In Stanford's silicon valley and silicon valley's Stanford] (in Chinese Character) journal
Joe Grossberg, the personal website of 12/18/03 135 Books in My Wishlist blog
Blackwell Synergy 12/2/03 'Lunch is for wimps': what drives parents to work long hours in 'successful' British and US cities? website
American Ethnologist Volume 30 Number 4 August 2003 11/1/03 Book Reviews On-line journal
San Jose Mercury News 9/1/03 Frugal choices in downscaled times newspaper 9/1/03 SynapShots list-serve
San Francisco magazine 9/1/03 The New Normal magazine
the twURLed World: Topic: Anita Borg's Web 8/27/03 Women And Technology: Changing The Future For Both blog
Computers, Privacy & the Constitution, Professor Eben Moglen, Columbia Law School 7/10/03 Silicon Valley Without Trimmings website
San Jose Mercury News 7/6/03 Days without work become routine newspaper
EricRice Remixed 6/24/03 Silicon Valley Culture blog
The Seattle Times 5/24/03 More modern moms interact on the Internet newspaper
Technoscout 5/14/03 Stress short-circuits tech families' lives website
The Christian Science Monitor 5/12/03 Life, Inc. newspaper
paul dourish 5/1/03 recent reading blog
San Jose Mercury News 4/11/03 Tech & the Modern Mom newspaper
American Anthropological Asso. 3/13/03 AAA'S Centennial Meeting Offered Numerous Story Leads website
San Jose Mercury News 3/11/03 Nasdaq's dismal three-year fall, A Long Way newspaper
U.S.News & World Report 2/24/03 Why We Work magazine
San Jose Mercury News 2/11/03 The Struggle to Hang on newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 2/10/03 Time running out for valley tech veterans newspaper
McGraw Hill Construction 2/9/03 Workers in Their 40s Feel Trapped in Wake of Dot-Coms Flops e-zine
San Jose Mercury News 2/9/03 Workers in Their 40s Feel Trapped in Wake of Dot-Coms Flops newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 2/9/03 Free to start over newspaper
Papyrus News, University of California, Irvine 1/18/03 [pn] links list-serve
freegorifero weblog 12/18/02 Interaction Anxiety, evidences. blog
?something? Village [China] 12/13/02 In social humanities field of vision science
[in Chinese character]
Christian Science Monitor 11/19/02 In Silicon Valley, return to humbler tech dreams newspaper
Spectra Vol. 32 (10) pg. 12, Publication of the National Communication Association 10/1/02 Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Dialogue in New Orleans magazine 9/18/02 How greedy was my Valley? e-zine
New York Times 7/25/02 Silicon Valley, Without All the Trimmings newspaper
The Press [New Zealand] 7/23/02 Work-first Silicon Valley has lessons for Chch techies newspaper [Spain?] 7/17/02 Los ejecutivos “puntocom” se achican: revenden sus convertibles para llegar a fin de mes e-zine
technoliteracy 7/15/02 Monday, July 15 blog
Archipelago 7/15/02 Daniel Berlinger's Archipelago News Weblog blog
The Examiner, San Francisco 7/1/02 The techie's virtual life newspaper
Science & Spirit 7/1/02 Privacy Squeeze magazine
Fast Company 6/29/02 May 2000 Connexus website
KIPnotes (Knowledge Is Power) 6/26/02 High Technology website
Informatikai és Hirközlési Minisztérium, TÁRKI [Hungary] 6/23/02 Az információs kultúra, a "digitális írástudás" a társadalom különbözô rétegeiben website
Xerox PARC Forum Video Archive 6/23/02 Silicon Valley Cultures Project webcast
San Jose Mercury News 6/6/02 Cleanup czar hopes to banish litterbugs newspaper
Southwestern Archaeology, Inc. (SWA), " Got CALICHE ? " Newsletter 6/3/02 EVOLUTION newsletter
Corante Tech News. Filtered Daily 6/2/02 Premium Blend… e-zine
San Francisco Chronicle 6/2/02 Downturn without downtime: Silicon Valley stuck in overdrive, study says newspaper
Boston College 6/1/02 Sloan Research Network Newsletter, Summer 2002 • Volume 4(2) newsletter
[Generation_online] 6/1/02 Work, Difference and the New Media Industries list-serve
SynapShots, Citings for Knowledge Workers 5/22/02 Culture :
The Silicon Valley Cultures Project
The Mail Archive 5/20/02 NET-HAPPENINGS list-serve
The Internet Scout Project, University of Wisconsin-Madison 5/17/02 The Internet Scout Project e-zine
The Mail Archive, Futurework 2/25/02 RE: The 'Privatisation of Knowledge' agenda (Was Re: Bell Labs Predictions for 2025) listserve
[Peter Li Education Group]
2/22/02 Embracing Technology as a Classroom Tool magazine
Mike's List 2/16/02 Web Appreciation newsletter
BusinessWeek Online 2/15/02 Can You Be Too Connected? Part 2 magazine
San Jose Mercury News 2/15/02 Small businesses take their services out on the road newspaper 1/30/02 Multitasking creates health problems website
ACF News Source [The American Communications Foundation] 1/26/02 Gearhead Anthro, The Osgood File (CBS Radio Network): 5/20/99, Update e-zine
Los Angeles Times 1/24/02 Kids Need to Know Why That Electronic Timeout Is Necessary newspaper
Webs of Innovation 1/2/02 Working in the 'new economy'; less sexy then it looks like website
Christian Science Monitor 12/17/01 A controversial merger and the 'HP Way' newspaper
Electronic Publishing Knowledgebase, University of South Australian [Australia] 11/26/01 Interactive Technology : Uniting the World or Pulling us Apart? website
National Geographic Magazine online 11/20/01 Silicon Valley, Inside the Dream Incubator magazine
Spartan Daily 11/12/01 Research shows Silicon Valley as ever changing newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 11/11/01 Resurrecting Civility newspaper
UNICA Informatica [Brazil] 6/25/01 Cadeia de distribuição [String of distribution] e-zine
Qualite Devie [France?] 6/1/01 Les études sur qualité de vie et travail [Studies on quality of life and work] website/report
American Anthropological Association (AAA) 5/22/01 Testimony of Mary Margaret Overbey, Ph.d. on Behalf of the American Anthropological Association Before the Appropriations Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs, Housing and  Urban Development and Independent Agencies U.s. House of Representatives Fiscal Year 2002 in Support of the National Science Foundation congressional testimony
Contra Costa Times 5/11/01 Knightsen residents question census diversity figures newspaper
Christian Science Monitor 4/26/01 Signs of a slump: solemn billboards, shelved plans newspaper
Institute of Governmental Studies Public Affairs Report Vol. 42, No. 1, Spring 2001 4/1/01 Silicon Valley Is the Center of the Universe magazine
21st [China] 3/29/01 New species in Silicon Valley e-zine
Frankfurter Rundschau [Germany] 3/21/01 Im Hintergrund: Prüfen, ob alles nach Plan läuft - Alltag in Silicon Valley 
[US - Society: Making Sure Everything's Going Acording to Plan in Tomorrowland - Researchers investigate the culture of Silicon Valley]
The Business Journal (online) 3/12/01 The color of commerce e-zine
Papyrus News 2/17/01 Real-Time Politics e-zine
Red Rock Eater News Service 2/17/01 Real-Time Politics:  The Internet and the Political Process website
Santa Monica Mirror 2/14/00 CyberBabble, Site-Seeing on the Internet e-zine
Mike's List 2/6/00 Anthropologists Brave Silicon Valley newsletter
Discovery Channel 
(Dish Network)
Ties that Bind -- Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley TV
Hannibal Courier-Post [Missouri] 2/3/00 Pastor takes religion to Silicon Valley newspaper
The Morning Call 2/2/00 Religion in the News newspaper
USA TODAY 1/29/01 Stress short-circuits tech families' lives Silicon Valley anthropologists find pace takes toll on kids newspaper
Baltimore Sun 1/13/01 History, suited to a `T' Fashion: An online museum documents the highs and lows of the digital age through T-shirts made by people who helped shape it. newspaper
Project To chitychat.Ru [Russian Federation] 1/1/01 [Cyrillic characters] 
[Service of distributions To subschribe.Ru of project To chitychat.Ru]
Grande Reportagem, Press Mundo [Portugal] 1/1/01 Geração [Generations] magazine
CBC Radio [Canada] 12/12/00 Live interview  with JAEL 
CBC Radio [Canada] 12/11/00 Live interviews 
(11 stations / 5 minutes ea.) 
with JAEL 
Calgary, Halifax, White-hourse, Quebec City, Montreal,
and CND
Yellowknife, Saint John (NB), Sudbury, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Windsor.
WCQS Public NewsRoom [public radio for Western North Carolina] 12/18/00 Technology's Impact on Families Dramatic website
Life Matters with Julie McCrossin, Radio National [Australia] 11/30/00 Silicon Valley Families radio
[Russian Federation]
11/28/00 [Cyrillic characters]
[Fresh Number ?42-43 (371-372) / of the News] 
WCQS Public NewsRoom [public radio for Western North Carolina] 11/27/00 Technology's Impact on Families Dramatic radio
Christian Science Monitor 11/27/00 If it's Tuesday, I must be the 'relevant parent' newspaper
San José State University 11/27/00 SJSU This Week website
Christian Science Monitor 11/26/00 Technology's Impact on Families Dramatic newspaper
El Mundo Periodical 11/26/00 El advenimiento del «Homo Siliconus» [The coming of the " Homo Siliconus "] magazine
BBC World Service Radio
[United Kingdom]
11/25/00 Internet Dreamers: Program 3: Chasing the dream. radio
Boiler [Italy] 11/23/00 Pixel.08, Silicon Valley, il piatto piange [Silicon Valley, the plate cries] e-zine
Borland JBuilder 4 11/22/00 AppServer e-zine 11/21/00 Ever heard of a `value-added romance`? website
Five Minutes, Technation, 
KQED San Jose
11/21/00 Ever heard of a `value-added romance`? radio
Union Tribune [San Diego] 11/21/00 High-tech is changing; stress stays the same newspaper
The Australian [Australia] 11/21/00 No time off in the land of chips newspaper [Russian Federation] 11/20/00 [Cyrillic characters] 
[Seine: release/issue 133 // Survey/ coverage of the current net events and publications]
Russkii Zhurnal, Nevod: vypusk 133 [Russion Federation] 11/20/00 Obzor tekushih setevyh sobytii i publikacii [Survey/coverage of the current net events and publications] e-zine
CNET [Canada] 11/20/00 Silicon Valley: Tech mecca or materialist wasteland? e-zine
New York Times 11/20/00 Silicon Valley: Tech mecca or materialist wasteland? newspaper
The Times [London] 11/20/00 Hi-tech invades family space in Valley of the dot-com newspaper
BBC World Service Radio [USA]  11/18/00
Essential Guide:
Internet Dreamers (3 parts)
Transfert [France] 11/17/00 La vie en Silicon Valley
[Life in Silicon Valley]
e-zine [Taiwan] 11/17/00 ? [in Chinese character] e-zine
LA Times 11/17/00 High-Tech Culture Fosters Ideals, Study of Silicon Valley Says newspaper 11/16/00 Anthropologists Study 'Silicon Culture' website
KRON ch4 San Jose 11/16/00  NBC Nightly News TV
New York Times 11/16/00  Anthropologists Study 'Silicon Culture' newspaper
San Francisco Chronicle 11/16/00  Researchers find technology-driven society in Silicon Valley newspaper
San Francisco Chronicle 11/16/00 Silicon Valley Teaming With 'Teams' Anthropologists Focus on Silicon Valley Life newspaper 
San Jose Mercury News  11/15/00 Where tech reigns and families network newspaper 
SV magazine, San Jose Mercury News  10/29/00 The End of Civility newspaper 10/27/00 Week-ends âge de pierre
[Stone Age Weekends]
website [China] 10/23/00 [in Chinese character]
Selects the Com speed discusses:
Crazy ant
Mark's Weblog 10/23/00 Observations on technology, literacy, and anything else I manage to dredge up. blog
Libération [France] 10/20/00 Week-ends âge de pierre
[Stone Age Weekends]
The Electronic Journal of Communication, Communication Institute for Online Scholarship [NY] 10/1/00 Understanding Technology Use Within Australian Household e-zine
Sunset Presse,
Agence de Presse T'él'évisée [France]
"L'échappée belle" 
[" the beautiful escape "]
Metro 9/28/00 Valley Life magazine
Business2.0 9/26/00 Get a Life,  Corporate Bondage magazine
Pegram Walters 8/27/00 New Ways of Thinking In Research – OR How anthropological studies of village life in Papua New Guinea can benefit your business website 
La PeV 
[Institut Méditerranéen de Téléactivité, France]
8/6/00 Un Anthropologue Dans La Silicon Valley e-zine
BBC4  Radio 
[United Kingdom]
8/3/00  Internet Dreamers radio
C P Universe 8/1/00 Job Outlook: Silicon Valley e-zine
SF Chronicle  7/10/00 Do We Really Have a Need For Speed?  Psychologist panel to ponder hectic pace of modern life magazine
Goyoyo [China] 7/1/00 [The quilt " hires " family]
[in Chinese character]
Das Computer Bild [Germany] 7/1/00 Tal Der Tränen 
[Valley of Tears]
Executive Digest [Portugal] 7/1/00 Trabalhar e viver ao ritmo da Internet? e-zine
El Periodico [Spain] 6/26/00 Vivir en tecnológico
[To live in technology]
Liberation [France] 6/23/00 Us et coutumes de la famille high-tech 
[Habits and customs of the high tech family] 
eCompany 6/23/00 Homo Siliconus e-zine
Sci-Tech Library Newsletter 6/13/00 Silicon Valley Cultures Project Website e-zine
John Armitage 6/12/00 [CSL] FW: [RRE] Information and Institutional Change list-serve
The New York Times  6/7/00 Marketing; When Only a Code Warrior or XML Guru Will Do newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 6/4/00 In a Valley of High-Tech 'Haves, 'How Do We Define 'Have-Not'? newspaper
Internet Scout Project Volume 3, Number 18, June 1, 2000
[University of Wisconsin-Madison]
6/1/00 Scout Report 6/1/00, 
Silicon Valley Cultures Project
CITS NET WATCH, Center for Information, Technology & Society 6/1/00 Where's the Beef?: Internet Disappoints Some list-serve
Sacremento Bee 5/21/00 It's no longer Easy Street in land of dot-coms newspaper
The Guardian Unlimited 
[United Kingdom]
5/17/00 'Doing' family in Silicon Valley newspaper 5/1/00 How to Speed Up Your Startup website
San Jose Mercury News 4/28/00 Grudge match could unify us newspaper
National Post [Canada] 4/22/00 Silicon shakeout // The second-most-expensive business address in the world: e-players hope market turbulence will help ease gridlock newspaper
Fast Company 4/21/00  How to Speed Up Your Startup magazine  The Startup Network  4/4/00 Living In Company Town: In conversation with Dr. Jan A. English-Leuck, (sic) e-zine
Red Herring Magazine  4/1/00 Slam dunk magazine
Digital West [KQED] 3/31/00  Culture Dot Com television
eGroups [Quebec, Canada] 3/27/00 Un Anthropologue Dans La Silicon Valley 
[An Anthropologist In Silicon Valley]
The Business Journal 3/9/00 The color of commerce magazine
Geo Explorer [Germany] 3/1/00 Beim Stamm der Dotcoms 
[With the tribe of the Dotcoms]
Tomorrow's Professor Listserve Msg.#199, Stanford University  2/29/00 Living Life in "Chunklets" list-serve
Digital West [KQED] 2/18/00 Valley of Gold television
Tech Week 2/7/00 Everybody needs somebody, even in Silicon Valley magazine
The Sacramento Bee 1/24/00 HP looks to reclaim innovative ways newspaper 1/7/00 Overcoming information overload newspaper
Metro 1/6/00 Silicon Valley Human magazine
NAPA Bulletin 19 // Applied Anthropology on the Internet: Communication and Innovation 12/13/99 Ideas from Practicing Anthropology Articles e-zine
San Jose Mercury News 11/28/99 Time trials // Rather than giving us more leisure hours to enjoy, technological advances are giving us more to do newspaper
The Morning Call 11/21/99 Changing Face of Technology newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 11/7/99 Seeing the sites // Online city guides beefed up to lure more Internet users, get merchants to set up shop newspaper
Business2.0 11/1/99 Stressed for Success // Seeking sanity and balance in a warp-speed Web culture. magazine
San Jose Mercury News 10/18/99 Online registries wrap up gift-giving in one package efficiency at the cost of intimacy and surprise? newspaper
Lifestyle Migration project, University of Michigan 10/14/99 A Life more ordinary, all the better, for these anthropologists // Several researchers are watching humdrum lives up close in an effort to figure out how everyday people are coping with stresses. website 
Los Angeles Times 10/14/99 A Life more ordinary, all the better, for these anthropologists newspaper
International Herald Tribune 10/6/99 Silicon Valley: Living the Managed Life newspaper
The Chronicle of Higher Education 10/1/99 Anthropologists Exploring Silicon Valley Find 'the Best, the Brightest, the Greediest' newspaper 
UK UNIX User Group (UKUUG) Newsletter [United Kingdom] 9/14/99 The Voluntary Complexity Movement e-zine
Tech Knowledge Revue 9/14/99 The Voluntary Complexity Movement magazine
San Jose Mercury News 9/5/99 What's a busy kid to do? Some are turning to electronic organizers newspaper
The New York Times on the Web 9/2/99 They've Got the World in Their Palms newspaper
PBS special 8/30/99 Time Frenzy television
The Spartan Daily 8/27/99 Professor Gliner frenzied with new documentary // New film deals with technology and its impact on personal time  newspaper
BBC World Service webcast 7/30/99 Global Business webcast
Nightline in Prime Time Webcast 7/30/99 Brave New World webcast
BBC World Service webcast 7/8/99 Insight webcast
Libération [France] 7/8/99 Silicon Valley l'envers du décor (4) Pousseurs de wagons dans la mine d'or [Silicon Valley: the back of the decoration (4) // Freight car pushers in the gold mine]  newspaper
Libération [France] 7/5/99 Silicon Valley : l'envers du décor (1) // Bug dans la famille [Silicon Valley: the back of the decoration (1) // Bug in the family] newspaper
el [Venezuela] 6/23/99 La technologia mecaniza la vida [The technology mechanizes the life] e-zine
San Jose Mercury News 6/7/99 It's time for arts education programs to go back to school newspaper
Les Chroniques de Cybérie [France] 6/1/99 Rapport au temps
[report at time]
SangKancil listserve [Malaysia] 5/30/99 [sangkancil] Fw: Mike Elgan's Win Letter 41 - Friday, May 28, 1999 listserve
Windows Magazine 5/28/99 Heart of Xerox PARCness magazine
USA TODAY 5/26/99 Companies learn the value of grass roots // Anthropologists help adapt products to world's cultures newspaper
USA TODAY 5/26/99 It's about Time and Tech // Families learn to live on 'Internet time' newspaper
CBS: the Osgood File 5/20/99 Gearhead Anthro radio
Peninsula Bible Church website 5/9/99 The Horror of the Heavens website
Internet Resources for Learning & Teaching Anthropology, College of Education, University of Illinois 5/3/99 Exemplary Anthropological Research:  What are anthropologists doing?  website
Anthropology Newsletter 5/1/99 Microchips and Media Tips  newspaper
AOL 4/28/99  Testimony of Howard J. Silver, Ph.D., Executive Director Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA)on the FY 2000 Appropriations for the National Science Foundation before the VA, HUD, Independent Agencies Subcommittee, Committee on Appropriations U.S. House of Representatives, Honorable James T. Walsh, Chairman congressional testimony
San Jose Mercury News 4/16/99 Majority of None // Divisions // Segregation trends emerge in high-tech industry, experts say newspaper
Wall Street Journal 4/14/99 Here's a Study That Paranoids Should Avoid newspaper
imazine [Korea] 3/25/99 ? [in Korean characters]
[Future of Silicon Valley]
San Jose Mercury News 3/18/99 Technology heightens global connections newspaper
The Sacramento Bee 3/4/99 HP's split has some confused on future: New entities may do away with 'HP Way' newspaper
CSU Stateline 3/1/99 San José State Anthropologists Study Silicon Valley Denizens magazine
Washington Post 2/26/99 Read All About IT -- by the Roadside; in Calif., billboards make a high-tech statement newspaper
The News Hour with Jim Lehrer 2/3/99 Tech Museum television
Online News Hour 2/3/99 Tech Museum (transcript) website
San Francisco Chronicle 2/1/99 Balancing acts // Corporate subsidy gives harried parents time to play with their kids newspaper
Washington Post 12/31/98 At home with Doritos and Fry's;  Quirky Calif. electronics chain builds on a Silicon Valley appeal newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 12/15/98 Society of friends // Silicon valley newcomers find virtual families to help them make it through the holidays newspaper
Tech Week 12/14/98 Cultural Anthropologists Dig into Silicon Valley magazine
De Anza President's Report 12/1/98 Life in the Fast Lane Discussed at Length report
Súper Magazine [Peru]  12/1/98 Alimentacion // Los Millonarios Informáticos prefieren Comida Rápida [Feeding the Computer Science Millionaires // They prefer Fast Food] e-zine
San Francisco Magazine 12/1/98 It's the End of the World as We Know It magazine
Anthropology Newsletter 12/1/98 Living With Technology newspaper
Liberal [Italy] 12/1/98 Facciamo un Altro Boom [We make another boom] magazine
San Jose Mercury News 11/13/98 Scholars try to explain secret of the Silicon Valley phenomenon newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 11/12/98 Symposium delves into the secret of Silicon Valley newspaper
New Scientist 11/7/98 The silicon tribe magazine
San Jose Mercury News  11/3/98 Above the pack // Envied by their peers, sought after by women, Alpha males pay high price for professional success newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 10/31/98 New museum putting some 'there' here // S. J.'s lagging tourism profile is looking up newspaper
The Christian Science Monitor 10/30/98 Museum Celebrates Spirit of Innovation newspaper
National Post [Canada] 10/28/98 Silicon Valley out to lure tourists: Until recently, the work done in the crucible of computer technology hasn't been been easy to showcase for the public. The Tech Museum of Innovation is about to change that. newspaper
The New York Times 10/15/98 On your Left, 2 Guys With Pocket Protectors // In Silicon Valley, a Tour Operator Tries Desperately to Make High-Tech Offices Interesting newspaper
Anthropology Newsletter 10/1/98 Relevance of middle-class working families newspaper
Cityhits 9/9/98  Culture shifts in Silicon Valley e-zine
Anthropology Newsletter 9/1/98 Anthropologists address information technology for congress  newspaper
The Canberra Connection // Internet Industry Newsletter [Australia] 9/1/98 Study of US Developments e-zine
Washington Square 9/1/98 Coping in the Silicon Valley // Three SJSU anthropologists take a long-term look at how individuals survive and thrive in the "Valley of Galloping Time" magazine
Newsweek (US Edition) 8/3/98 Studying the gearheads  // An anthropologist discovers Silicon Valley magazine
San Jose Mercury News 7/23/98 Fair adopts high-tech pitch but critics say upscale marketing scheme overlooks the past newspaper
PriceWaterhouseCoopers TelecomDirect 7/13/98 TeleVistas... Technology Begins at Home e-zine 
Washington Post 5/21/98 Yesterday's Story Was Missing a Page In Scramble to Work, Phones and Faxes Take Over newspaper
PBS special 5/4/98 Silicon Valley at the Crossroads television
Salon 21st 5/1/98 Customer Disservice // How did Fry's become a totem of Silicon Valley computer retailing? // By giving tech shoppers a taste of S&M e-zine
The Christian Science Monitor 1/20/98 Anthropologists Peer Into a Valley of Silicon newspaper
Washington Post 1/2/98 In Silicon Valley, A Language All Its Own newspaper
Contra Costa Times 12/28/97 Want that bonus? Nowadays, be prepared to prove you earned it newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 12/27/97 Want that bonus? Be ready to prove that you earned it newspaper
The Commercial Appeal 11/30/97 High-tech workers' benefits are lavish // Labor demand sweetens deals newspaper
Scripps Howard News Service 11/21/97 High-tech companies offer many benefits to keep workers news service
San Jose Mercury News 10/5/97 Quest to satisfy the soul // In a region where innovation is paramount, workers embrace the traditions of religion in an attempt to build a bedrock of comfort  newspaper
CIO Web Business Magazine 10/1/97 THREADS // Or you could say it with flowers magazine
The International Council on Systems Engineering, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter's Past Monthly Programs (1992-2000) 9/9/97 Anthropologists on the Loose in Silicon Valley!  Engineering Culture in High Tech Industries website/
The Business Journal 8/22/97 Profs study culture changes in their own back yard magazine
San Jose Mercury News 8/12/97 The buzz on coffee // Teens are becoming fans for the caffeine and for the socializing newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 5/22/97 Dispute delays farmers market in Santa Clara // Association and city council at odds over parking downtown newspaper
Center for Research on Education and Work 4/28/97 Always Working: Work, Identity, and Community in the Silicon Valley website/
Eyewitness News At Ten (KPIX) 3/6/97 PROGRAM-ID: kpix22000306 / SEGMENT-ID: 25 television
San Jose Mercury News 3/4/97 Family connection, cellular-style // Phones help parents, kids reach out newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 10/14/96 Just what is the name of this place, anyway? // So let the debate begin! newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 10/13/96 High tech reshapes daily life newspaper
San Jose Mercury News 6/21/96 Sleepless in Silicon Valley // Global competition, technology's fast track dictate a lifestyle of working into the wee hours newspaper

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