Contacts and Collaboration

We are interested in expanding our research partnerships. We have Applied Anthropology graduate students who are in need of internships and projects. Existing project topics range from green education in Silicon Valley to ethnographically informed program design for enhancing financial literacy . Darrah and English-Lueck are conducting client-based research on health issues in the region. By 2009 English-Lueck will be examining the emergence of green technology and notions of work morality in Silicon Valley, China and New Zealand. Collaboration is welcome.

We can also act as a portal for other scholars and organizations working on Silicon Valley cultures as researchers or practitioners. Contact English-Lueck or the webmaster if you would like to suggest an appropriate link.

Charles Darrah, Co-founder, Anthropology Department Chair, Co-coordinator Applied Anthropology Graduate Program

J.A. English-Lueck, Co-founder, Ethnographic Researcher, Faculty Applied Anthropology Graduate Program

Karl Lueck Designs, webmaster

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