Archive of Papers

Team members have presented many working papers and reports over the years of the project. These papers are presented as Adobe .PDF files, if you need them in another format please contact J.A. English-Lueck. Topics for these papers include:

Silicon Valley Cultures

Reinventing Therapeutic Expectations in Silicon Valley
            J.A. English-Lueck (2004)

Silicon Valley Culture: One-Dimensional ‘Faustian Bargain’ or Multi-Faceted Forerunner of Global Society?
            Blake L. White (2003)

Techno-Missionaries Doing Good at the Center
            Darrah, C.N. (2000)

Silicon Missionaries and Identity Evangelists
            English-Lueck, J.A. and Saveri, A. (Institute for the Future) (2000)

NSF Repot
            English-Lueck, J.A. (2000)

Temping at the Lower End: An Incomplete View from Silicon Valley
            Darrah, C. N. (1999)

Community and Collaboration in a "Value-Added" Community
            Darrah, C. (1996)

Defining a Silicon Valley Worldview: A Retrospective on Tomorrow Land
            English-Lueck, J.A. (1996)

Tactical Ambiguity in a Post-modern Company Town:  The Case of Silicon Valley
            English-Lueck, J.A. (1994)

Global Silicon Places

The BRIC Ten Year Forecast

Number Eight Fencing Wire: New Zealand, Cultural Innovation and the Global Silicon Network
            J.A. English-Lueck (2003)

Rites of Production: Technopoles and the Theater of Work
            J.A. English-Lueck (2003)

Silicon Work: Tales of Trust from Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Taipei and Dublin
            English-Lueck, J.A., and Darrah, C.N. (1999)

Work and Family

Family Models, Model Families
            Darrah, C.N. (2003)

Anthropology and the Workplace/Workforce Mismatch
            Darrah, C.N. (2003)

Anthropologists and Middle Class Working Families: Framing the Context of Inquiry
            Darrah, C.N., English-Lueck, J.A., and Freeman, J.M. (2002)

Creating Culture in Dual Career Families
            Darrah, C.N., English-Lueck, J.A., and Freeman, J.M. (2002)

Families and Work:  An Ethnography of Dual Career Families
            Darrah, C.N., English-Lueck, J.A., and Freeman, J.M. (2001)

Living in the Eye of the Storm: Controlling the Maelstrom in Silicon Valley
            Darrah, C.N., English-Lueck, J.A., and Freeman, J.M. (2000)

Technology and Social Change The Effects on Family and Community
            English-Lueck, J.A (1998)
                 (This paper translated into Ukrainian by Michail Bogdanov)


Success and Survival in Silicon Valley: An Ethnography of Learning Networks
            J.A. English-Lueck, Sabrina Valade, Sheri Swiger
            and Guillermo Narvaez (2002)

Networks in Use, SR-738
            (Institute for the Future) (2001)

Global Inovations Forum, Project Year 2001, SR-764
            (Institute for the Future) (2001)


Expanding Meanings of Health, SR-815B
            (Institute for the Future) (2004)

Legacies: transforming memories into memorials
            Bonnie Evens (2002)


Work as Mission in an Immigrant Community and its Homeland
            Freeman, J.M. (2000)

            Teraguchi, M. (1995)

Technology in Everyday Life

The Gaming Geek Culture
            Diana Dinh (2002)

Students, Technology and Everyday Life
            Darrah, C.N. (2001)

Juggling Digital Devices at Work and Home in Silicon Valley
            English-Lueck, J.A. (1997)

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