The three major works of the Silicon Valley Cultures Project, so far, are the books:

Being and Well-being:
Health and the Working Bodies of Silicon Valley

Busier than Ever!
Why American Families Can't Slow Down



Our other publications are available on-line from AnthroSourse or the original publishers, the books are available from We have placed a few, which are not readily available, on this site.:

2007 English-Lueck, J.A., and C. N. Darrah, Becoming Practitioners in Silicon Valley: Applied Anthropology at San Jose State. Society for Applied Anthropology Newsletter November 18(4): 31-34

2007  Darrah, C.N., The Anthropology of Busyness.  Human Organization 66(3): 261-269.

2007  English-Lueck, J.A., Review of Janitors, Street Vendors and Activists: The Lives of Mexican Immigrants in Silicon Valley by Christian Zlolniski.  American Anthropologist 109(1): 230-231.

2006 English-Lueck, J.A., Reinventing San Jose, California: An Experiment in Multiculturalism. Anthropology News February 47(2): 17-17.

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2005 Darrah, C. N., Ethnography of Families. In M. Pitt-Catsouphes, E. Kossek & S. Sweet (Eds.).  The Handbook of Work and Family: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives and Approaches. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

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2003 English-Lueck, J.A.,  S. Valade, S. Swiger, and G. Narvaez.  Success and Survival in Silicon Valley, feature article for Center for Educational Planning Santa Clara County Office of Education.  Educational Outlook, Spring 8(2): 1-7.

2002 English-Lueck, J.A.,  S. Valade, S. Swiger, and G. Narvaez. Success and Survival in Silicon Valley,” excerpts from a report to the Center for Educational Planning Santa Clara County Office of Education. Educational Outlook, Spring 7(3): 4.

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2002  English-Lueck, J.A.,  A. Saveri and C.N. Darrah. Trusting Strangers: Work Relationships in Four High-Tech Communities.  Information, Communication and Society, 5 (1): 90-108.

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1994  English-Lueck, J.A., Turner and Frontier Values: Optimistic Postindustrial Enclaves in China andSilicon Valley.  Comparative Civilizations Review 31(Fall): 106-123.

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